Friday, March 17, 2006

Messages from Loved ones across the veil

I started receiving messages from the spirit world in my meditations. The accuracy is quite startling. In order to develop myself further, I like to try out this gift with strangers - only for the highest purpose of the soul which is LOVE.

If anybody is interested please contact me thro' the feedback form. If you want the message to be personal, you got to give me your email id. I'll not publish the comment. If you do not mind it to go public, I'll give the message here itself.

The only condition is that you need to be truthful and tell me whether the message makes any sense to you. You need not give me the details but if you do not tell me whether it makes any sense, there is no point in this trial.

Please remember that I'll be spending much time for you for free. I would also want you to remember that this is a trial and messages may not be 100% right.

NOTE: There is nothing scary about the messages.